Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Unlucky Fried Kitten @ The Cherry Tree

It is with great delight that we can announce the homecoming of Indo-European pop-punksters Unlucky Fried Kitten with their forthcoming appearance at The Cherry Tree at 437 Tonbridge Road, Maidstone. That's Maidstone in Kent...the home of the elf rollercoaster and the tumble-dryer.
The Unlucky Fried Kitten Show has been rolling for some years now...since fact...and it has been an ever-changing experiment in popular music. The first line-up featured Andy Export (Andy Fraser) on vocals and guitar, Kingsley Oregon on drums and Mickey Apples on bass guitar. Avid UFK followers will know that Mickey left the he thought his musical skills were being largely ignored... and began on his plan to write and record an album called Dead Pop Stars. The plan was to have 12 tracks...each about a different dead pop a tribute. His intention was to shoot himself dead at the album launch...thereby...cleverly creating another 'dead pop star'. Mickey soon realised that..although he was a wonderful musician (as well as a great master of the English language...he won "Scrabble Champ of Belgium 1995") he couldn't write a song to save his life. He enlisted Andy(Export) to help him write the album...but a few weeks down the line he got frustrated...and killed himself anyway. Andy has decided to carry on making the Dead Pop Stars album in memory of his old buddy. He has recorded songs for Ian Dury, Kurt Cobain, Richie Edwards and Marc Bolan so far. Some of those are on YouTube. Other DPS's on the album will include Syd Barrett, Sid Vicious, Elvis Presley, Ian Curtis and Jim Morrison.....oh...and Keith Moon.
Mickey Apples was replaced in Unlucky Fried Kitten by Liam Noone..who stuck around for a few years before being jailed for killing prostitutes.
Other UFK members have included Justin Strangeways, Andy White, Tony Wilkinson-Sword, Rio Fraser and current guitarist Nick Hughes.
Unlucky Fried Kitten will be sharing the bill with Andy White at The Cherry Tree on 23rd October. UFK will be debuting their newest song called EMO PLASTICINE...written for George Michael..who at time of this going to press is in Highpoint Prison, Suffolk, for driving misdemeanours. UFK may well be playing Henrietta Lacks (the book that broke my heart) on the night, too. They will certainly be playing old UFK faves like Made In Russia, Life In My Town and People.
See you there, then.
Bring cameras...there's always a prize for best foto at a UFK gig.