Monday, 15 June 2009

UFK @ The Westcourt Arms Gillingham

The Unlucky Fried Kitten Show rolls on with Andy Export pitching up with The Gizmos, Slap Alice and Andy Purple at The Westcourt Arms in Gillingham on 26th June 2009.
UFK...fresh from their Cherry Tree gig in May...and the Good Intent gig in June....are in practice for their Peanut Vending Machine Incident tour...which should kick off in December 2009. All gigs up until then will be radar-friendly and will no longer be required to carry a Govt. Health Warning.
Unlucky Fried Kitten were born in a pub in Maidstone when Andy Export (formerly Andy changed due to the very famous Andy Fraser of Free hogging all the press) decided that he wanted to "form a band called Unlucky Fried Kitten" It was 1995...and Unlucky Fried Kitten have been banging out their simple love songs ever since. Well....some are love songs.
Anyway....UFK are playing at the Westcourt Arms on June 26th 2009.....and hope that it will offer non-politics fans something to do on that Friday evening (when England is sleeping))
Unlucky Fried Kitten will be Andy Export and Andy Purple...on that warm June night