Friday, 19 September 2008

Reavsey Write-Up

We are honoured to have received a Reavsey Write-Up for our Zebra Bar Gig...and so...without further ado....

UFK - Zebra Bar 17 Sep Maidstone

I hope you dont mind me doing this...

I arrived just in time for Mr Fraser to buy me a drink a few seconds before he stepped on stage and after I had trekked half way accross England (well 3 counties of it anyway) to get there. The timing was perfect.

UFK were Justin and Andy and were the opening act.

Mr Fraser was the consumate pro bantering with the audience (and at one point blending with them as one) interesting to note, that the UFK audience was the largest of the evening of all the 4 bands on. Justin was solid on guitar and vocals a suitable foil to the naughty Mr Fraser's high jinx. Additional vocals provided by what appeared to be a member of the audience but was an eX Band member.

All of the songs were well played/performed by UFK with Andy turnining on his unique style and charm which made me chuckle on more than one occasion.

The lovely Rio was filming proceedings so hopefully we will see some clips of the gig soon. several photographers were also snapping away which included the trusty Medway photo man Phil Dillon.

The highlights for me were "Loserville" and particularly the epic ending to "Made In Russia" which was still running around in my head when I woke up this morning (You subliminal bastard! ;o)...The song is very informative (which is not unusual with UFK songs) and lists some of the famous and very lovely things that Russia has given/done/ To and made for us....

I particularly liked the line something like "My Cat was spayed in Russia"... classic!

Seriously though, it was a great performance and very very entertaining..not just a singer..not just a band...but and all round entertainment package.

If you didnt say "Little Paul McCartney got laid in Russia" I wish you had of as thats what I thought you said...and laughed myself shitless.

I hope you do it all again soon I really did enjoy it and meeting up with Rio and yourself and assorted lovely Kent folk.

Your roving reporter...Seymour Stein

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