Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Unlucky Fried Kitten (rehearsal notes)

Justin Older (guitar and vocals)
Andy Export (vocals)
Unlucky Fried Kitten had a practise today and would like to record the following notes:
The running order for the Zebra Bar gig on September 17th will be.

1. I Am A Spider
2. Shooting Star
3. Loserville.com
4. People
5. Scrap Metal
6. Baby Blue
7. Made In Russia

The first and last songs are set in stone for position. The order of the others is up for discussion, depending on Justin's preference.
Andy and Justin ran through the songs today at around 1.30 to 2.30. Mostly the sound is there. Just a few more practices.
Points of concern: (good or bad)
Baby Blue will need more attention because Andy's vocal was in disarray. He needs to find a structure for it and he has to decide if he's gonna sing high or low...or if he's gonna change it mid-song.
Shooting Star and Baby Blue definitely need to be slightly faster than the versions on the album. Being a duo, for this, dictates the pace....both for Andy's flow of voice and for Justin's velocity of rhythm.
Loserville needs to be faster. Making it faster will not make the set shorter...there are a multitude of extra verses which can be used if it seems like time is being killed with too much voracity.
Made In Russia. We are happy to announce the new arrival of an extra chord in Made In Russia. The chord, weighing about the weight of a downward stroke with a plectrum, will be called "F". When asked "Is it a downward stroke or an upward stroke?" Justin replied. "I don't mind....as long as it is healthy"
Props: So far we have the cut-out characters for People. Brains are sub-consciously considering props for other songs. (even whilst we are sleeping)
Next time we meet we will run through the set from start to finish...or Take It From The Top...as they say in the music biz...and we will treat it as if it is our gig. This means we do not stop to dissect any small error (we craft our way out of the situation) It also enables us to time our set...which will show us if we will be short or if we will over-run. (allowing for on-stage banter and ducking from flying ash-trays. Rio will record our run-through...but not necessarily the next one...perhaps the one after that.
I Am A Spider is played in G Em C D. It doesn't stretch Andy's voice too much and it gives more scope for backing vocals.
That's about it then.
Rehearsal left Andy in high spirits and the gig...Unlucky Fried Kitten at the Zebra Bar on September 17th will be much anticipated.
Also on the bill for the gig:
Monday Street
Cellar 170
Shoot The Moone

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